Fund Our Future

Last week, Governor Cuomo, the State Department of Health, and the NY State Education Department all came out with detailed guidance on what measures schools should take to reopen in the fall to ensure health and safety as well as provide instructional and emotional support to students. If the COVID positivity rates of all regions…

Letter to Gov. Cuomo: Do not allow the Gates Foundation to influence education policy in our state

Dear Parents, Educators & Community members, I hope this email finds you and your family doing well during these uncertain times. During Governor Cuomo’s press conference today, he announced working with Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation to guide NYS on ‘reimagining’ our schools. NYSAPE along with Class Size Matters and Parent Coalition for Student…

Governor Cuomo Cuts K-12 Stakeholders out of His Plan to Re-Open NY Schools

Governor Cuomo Cuts K-12 Stakeholders out of His Plan to Re-Open NY Schools Board of Regents Ensures Parent and Educator Voices Will be Heard On April 28, Governor Cuomo announced the creation of an advisory board to advise the State’s re-opening strategy for businesses and schools. The New York Forward Re-Opening Advisory Board, created by…

The Fear of Change

The NYS Board of Regents has allowed districts to determine how they wish to calculate the high stakes regents exams into the student GPA. As stated in a NYSED memo, NYSED “does NOT require OR RECOMMEND that schools use Regents examination grades as part of the calculation of the student’s final average.”

An Unforgivable Betrayal

NYSUT has made a big showy campaign of “Correct the Tests!”, and collecting testing horror stories. Yet, when the opportunity arose that would eliminate the source of many of those stories and protect children in EVERY corner of NYS, they instead chose to sabotage our kids.