Who is responsible?


  • NYS is required to submit the federally required 95% participation rate number that includes all students who take ELA and math assessments. This number includes score results for all students, including those not tested.
  • There will be two indices measuring student performance; one that is submitted to the Federal government and one that is used for accountability in NYS.​
  • Opt out districts will not lose money, drop in rankings, or be put on any “failing” list (unless they are failing for reasons other than participation rates)​
  • High opt out districts will NOT be penalized for low participation. Individual opt out students will NOT be scored a 1. That “1” is only used for district wide federal accountability, not for the individual student.​
  • SED may still require districts with high opt outs to come up with a “plan” to increase participation. It does seem, however, that SED will focus on districts where certain cohorts (special ed or ELL) Opt Out is greater numbers, showing “institutional exclusion” (purposely getting certain kids to refuse to increase scores) ​
  • NYS has created its own index to use for internal purposes called the “Core Subject Performance Index” that will NOT calculate any opt outs as a random “1”. As we’ve always done, opt outs won’t be counted at all. For all of our state rankings, accountability, and decisions about what schools need and which are “failing”, the state will use the REAL calculation of just test takers.​

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