Alone We Can Do Good. Together we can do great.

You can make a difference.  There are many ways you can get involved to support your public schools; a great first place to start is by gaining awareness of the key issues in education by either browsing our website and/or some of the others listed below.  The next step may be to attend a Board of Education meeting or any meeting that is open to the community (ie.  legislative committee meetings, school council meetings etc.) to gain a deeper understanding of the issues particular to your school district. Ultimately, the only way to change education policy is to take action on a local level, state/county level, or both!  The following page is dedicated to providing several ways to get involved which can be as simple as sending in a refusal letter to attending a rally.  What are you waiting for?  Jump in, get inspired, and get involved!

Find something here


Explore the following sites to gain more information about key the issues in public education:

Network for Public Education (NPE)
Badass Teachers Association (BATS)

Keep up with the latest legislation with sites like
 Legislative Action Center


Board of Education Meetings
School Committee Meetings
Education Forums
Education Rallies


Education Advocacy Group in Your District
Site-Based Management Team in Your School
Long Island Opt-Out Facebook Group

If you’re a teacher, join teaching associations such as: 
Badass Teachers


Letters to Your Local Representatives
Letters to Your School Board
Editorials in local papers
Letter to the editor of a local paper
Posts on social media
Guide to writing legislators


Have conversations and educate those around you. Engage in conversation with family, friends whether it’s online at the store or online on social media

Speak or give presentations during PTA meetings; help keep other parents informed

Or here


Start your own advocacy group by using social media (Facebook)
Host get-togethers to discuss education issues; nothing beats a little wine, cheese, and Powerpoint.